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Cowboy 5K Mud & Obstacle Race

Date: July 29, 2017

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The Cowboy 5K ain't your city race! Obstacles as big as 'yer barn and City Slicker Exits for those obstacles you don't want to wrangle. The Cowboy 5K is a challenging, yet family friendly obstacle challenge race held during the Washington County Fair.

Participants will test themselves as they balance, climb, swing, and crawl through cowboy themed obstacles such as Hangman Hill, Yellow Belly Gutch, Desperado, and more. Due to the layout of the course on the Washington County Fairgrounds, participants will run thru the course twice-- twice the number of obstacles!

The first waves of this race begin at 8 am. This race is capped at 500 participants. Discounts for early registration, groups of 4 (posse pass), and for current 4-H members.

Are you a Legend? Find out at the Cowboy 5K!

Register today!

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