The Associate Fair Board
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The Associate Fair Board

WCF Associate Fair Board
In recent years the Board of the Washington County Agriculture Society created the associate fair board to inspire additional Washington county residents to participate in the planning, organizing and operations of our annual fair. The associate fair board allows members to explore the possibility of one day becoming a voting member of the Agriculture Society.

Associate members are encouraged to attend the monthly fair board meetings, provide input, participate in projects, and help get ready for the fair in general. Associate members do not have voting power at board meetings.

Each year the fair board needs help with marketing, facilities management, event planning and preparation, photography & video, communications, guest assistance, information technology, scheduling, audio visual technology, volunteer organizing, first aid, event staffing and entertainment coordination.

The 2023 associate fair board members include:

* Cord Scheer of Arlington
* Erik Soll of Arlington
* Joel Fredricksen of Blair
* Ben Hutchison of Blair
* Alex Ott of Herman
* Chris Stratman of Kennard
* John Henton of Blair
* Shane Hoer of Blair
* Kat Nelson of Arlington
* Zack Dunning of Blair
* Pat Meads of Kennard
* Robert Stoddard of Blair
* Max Greunke of Blair
* Blake Vandry of Blair
* Jen Johnston of Omaha

People interested in becoming an associate fair board member should call:

Jason Cloudt 402-672-0706

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